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Curious School of Puppetry

From January 4th 2016 until this weekend, I trained at the Curious School of Puppetry in London.

It was such a chapter in my puppetry journey, training in all aspects of puppetry under Sarah Wright & Rene Baker. We learnt so, so much... and I'd encourage anyone interested in puppetry to look into training with the school in future years.

It was a course that had visiting tutors from all over the puppetry world: Ronnie Le Drew, Toby Olie & Finn Caldwell (Gyre and Gimble), Mike Shepherd, Steve Tiplady, Howard Gayton, Anna Murphy, Liz Walker & Lyndie Wright to name but a few. And so many beautiful puppets to practice with...from glove to marionette to rod to bunraku-style design and construction.

And I've met such a lovely gang of emerging puppeteers. Watch out for them!

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