The Storm Whale, Little Angel/ York Theatre Royal/ Noi & Puppeteer

The Walk: When The Birds Land (Manchester International Festival), Sarah Wright/ Puppeteer & Facilitator

The Dong with a Luminous Nose, Cubic Feet/ Puppeteer

The Hatchling, Trigger/ Puppeteer

Princess & Peppernose, RSA (Short Film by Joe Wright)/ Puppeteer

Cirque du Clay, Random Acts of Art, Kneehigh Theatre / Maker & Puppeteer 

Mischief and Mystery in Moominvalley, Get Lost and Found / PuppeteerJina & The Stem Sisters, HMDT Music / Puppeteer / read more

Wow! Said the Owl (Digital, 2020), Little Angel Theatre  / Puppeteer & Facilitator/ read more

Digital Projects during National Lockdown/ Maker & Performer / read more

Clever Cakes, Little Angel Theatre & Michael Rosen/ Puppeteer / read more

Rat, The Rat Affair / Puppeteer / read more

The Pixie & The Pudding, Little Angel Theatre / Puppeteer & Actor / read more

Little Monster, Touched Theatre / Puppeteer / read more

Under Different Skies, Goofus Theatre / Puppeteer/ read more

Prince Charming, Little Angel Theatre / Puppeteer / read more

Angelo, Little Angel Theatre / Puppeteer / read more

The Adventures of Curious Ganz, Silent Tide / Puppeteer  / read more

Not Today Celeste, Bobble Hat / Puppeteer / read more

Me & My Bird, Little Angel Theatre (Engagement) / Puppeteer / read more 

Monty & Co, Pipkins Productions / Lulu Puppeteer & Voice 

Between The Books, In The Bellows / Producer & Puppeteer/ read more

Wow Said The Owl, Little Angel Theatre  / Puppeteer / read more

In The Bellows, In The Bellows / Producer & Puppeteer / read more

Carbon Blue Star Little Sigh, Roger Thorp/ Actor/ read more

Red Riding Hood, Horse + Bamboo (Autumn Tour) / Puppeteer Performer/ read more

Half A Cod A Day, Parabola (Hebrides Tour)/ Actor/ read more

Streaming, Theatre Pipeline/ Puppeteer, Stage Manager/ read more 

Masked Ball, Swan Puppet/ Maker & Puppeteer/ read more

Private Lives, cube theatre/ Actor

Red Riding Hood, Horse+ Bamboo (Scottish Storytelling Centre)/ Puppeteer Performer/ read more

Aubade, cube theatre/ Actor / read more

Adventurers In Music/ Performer & co-Producer/ read more

Providence, Roger Thorp/ Actor/ read more

Binge, Play It Again (TIE)/ performer

Freddy Dare & the Ginger Robber, cube theatre/ actor/ read more

Menu Scratch Nights (North & South Coast)/ co-producer

Macbeth, cube theatre/ co-director

Geppetto (Wooden Heart), cube theatre/ Florence & Puppeteer/ read more

Going Viral, Play It Again (TIE) / performer

Pinocchio, cube theatre/ Pinocchio puppeteer/ read more

Medusa The Celt, True West/ Mask performer

The Locksmith's Wife, cube theatre / Assistant to the Director



University of Birmingham, Drama & Theatre Arts (BA Hons), First Class


Told By An Idiot, Kneehigh Theatre, Baby Panda, Joni-Rae Carrack