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The Tinderbox

A solo project, created during National Lockdown 2020.


 This new adaptation of "The Tinderbox" reimagines the classic tale for a contemporary audience, using storytelling, original illustrations and over 1000 matches. 

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StorySmiths for WOW! It's Wednesday

"WOW! It's Wednesday" was a weekly email for children that was launched just seven days after the announcement of lockdown in 2020. It was designed to support families in the first phase of lockdown with creative activities, and was created by a voluntary collective of artists and makers across Brighton & Hove. 

Storysmiths was a weekly puppet serial, that asked children to vote on what would happen next in the story. Over the 10 weeks of the project, our puppet travelled through jungles, met wild creatures, went sailing, and found her Grandad! 

Week 1 - watch here.

Week 2 - watch here.

Week 3 - watch here.

Week 4 - watch here.

Week 5 - watch here.

Week 6 - watch here.

Week 7 - watch here.

Week 8 - watch here.

Week 9 -  watch here.

Week 10 - watch here.

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The Princess & The Pea

An adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's traditional tale, with a modern twist. 


Rewritten and read for Little Angel Theatre's digital resources during National Lockdown in 2020, using quite a lot of peas. 

Watch the video here. 

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Chapter 2 of "The Christmas Nisse"

For December 2020, Little Angel Theatre launched an advent story using Patrick Nielsen's "The Christmas Nisse". Each day, a different puppeteer or performer read one of the chapters. 

To watch Chapter 2, "The Biscuit Tin", click here. 

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