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2021      Circus Cart for Walkabout               CIRQUE DU CLAY                                        Commission for Kneehigh Theatre (Random Acts of Art)  2020      Digital Short (Animation)                 THE TINDERBOX                                         Commission for Little Angel Theatre
2020      Digital Short (Storytelling)              PRINCESS & THE PEA                                  Commission for Little Angel Theatre
2019      Shadow Puppets                              RAT                                                           With the Rat Affair, for RAT
2018      Puppet Head (with Mouth Mech)     CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON       For In The Bellows ( commissioned by Jethro Compton)
2016       Bookworm Puppet                          BETWEEN THE BOOKS                                For In The Bellows
2015       Walkabout Puppet                          SWAN                                                        Commission for the Masked Ball                

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Performance credits available here

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